Benefits of Dance on Discipline and Character

Learning how to dance at an early age is not only useful for a performing arts career. It’s also useful in building life skills that will benefit children in the years to come (especially in big schools and the workplace).

Benefits of dance on discipline and character

Learning how to dance can help children build discipline and character. That’s because dancing requires practice and focus. This skill challenges the brain because of the required movements, balance and coordination. All of that happens at the same time, which is why the brain has to focus and coordinate several body parts (as well as the performer’s awareness of space, music and rhythm).

Yes, dancing is fun and has huge rewards (especially if a child pulled off a stunning performance in front of a crowd). However, the required practice and discipline to get there is a huge challenge. It will exercise not just the physical body, but also the brain (which is rapidly developing especially to young children). This difficult mental exercise will stretch the brain’s capabilities, which will help young children rapidly develop and form crucial neural connections.

Knowing the value of hard work

Through dance classes, children can learn early the value of hard work. At an early age, they will realise the connection between work and results. Although there are still shortcuts and unfair advantages to achieve success, hard work is still important because worthwhile and truly rewarding things take significant amounts of time and effort.

It’s especially the case in honing a skill or becoming outstanding in a certain field (including performing arts, scientific and business). The discipline and character required might be sourced from something a person learned at a young age (e.g. practicing dance for hours and focusing on the performance).

Here at Dance on Q, we help children develop useful life skills through professional dance instruction. Although becoming a good dancer is the most visible outcome, we still want children to achieve other outcomes in terms of building discipline, focus and character that will help them throughout their lives.