Musical Theatre Classes

Our musical theatre classes here at Dance on Q teach kids versatility. This is a huge opportunity for them to further develop their talents in singing, dancing and acting.

Our qualified instructors with experience in commercial and theatrical industries will guide your child to explore musicals. Our students are learning creative expression while still applying world-class routines and standards.

Why choose musical theatre?

It’s different from other dances such as jazz and tap because of the musical theatre’s additional emphasis in acting. Students learn how to do the proper movements while conveying the natural emotions required for each song and dance.

Students will also learn the following:

  • Precision in movement to better convey emotions
  • Clarity in movement and dialogue to resonate with the audience
  • Strong technique to stand out among peers

These are all possible because of our commitment to excellence.

Why choose Dance on Q

We’re providing the perfect environment for each student to learn. Our excellent facilities include:

  • Spacious studios (80 to 100 square metres)
  • Sprung dance floors (better absorb impact)
  • High-quality audio system & full wall mounted mirrors
  • Fully air conditioned rooms

This way, students can better focus on learning the techniques. Aside from productive classes, kids will also be encouraged to socialise and interact. They will then acquire the best experience because they’ll be also having fun.

Who enrols at Dance on Q

We have students ages 5 to 18 years old. Our musical theatre classes here at Dance on Q are ideal for:

  • Students preparing for professional courses or careers in the dance industry
  • Students seeking more fun and meeting new friends
  • Students who need to expand their comfort zone (going beyond academics)
  • Students who want to stay fit through dancing

Our productive and fun classes make it possible for kids and teens to gain the best experience. Whether or not the students are seeking for a head start in the dance industry, the whole experience will be worthwhile for them to have.

Contact Dance on Q

If you want to learn more about our fun and effective approach, you can call us today at 0422 611 518. You can also visit us at the following locations:

  • Unit 3, Salisbury Road Castle Hill
  • Wrights Road Community Centre (opposite Kellyville Plaza)