Singing Classes

Why enrol your child into a singing class? First, it’s an additional skill for your lovely child. Second, he or she will enjoy each class and build confidence along the way.

Those are our goals here at Dance on Q. Aside from learning how to dance, students will also learn the fundamentals of singing and explore their potential. Children of 2 to 6 years old (Petite Performers Program) can now further explore their creative side while also making new friends along the way.

Castle Hill fun singing classes

Our highly qualified instructors (who are also experienced performers) make each class fun and energetic. They often use colourful props to ensure students are engaged with the lessons and practice. You can be sure that each session is productive and fun for your child.

It’s also a perfect chance to meet new friends and build a “social capital.” Students will be able to build trust among one another and (took out the word probably) build their initial social networks outside of home. Your child will have an amazing time each class session. (Took of 40 minutes as all classes are different times, if we are still referring to singing classes.)

Excellent facilities here at Dance on Q

We have spacious studios (approximately 80 to 110 sqm) that are ideal for practice. With reliable air conditioning, sprung floors, ballet barres & full length mirrors you’re sure that your child will remain comfortable during each class. If your child is comfortable, he or she will be able to better focus on the lessons.

With the guidance of our highly qualified instructors (with experience in theatrical industry and knowledge of the current trends), students will be exposed to the international level of singing and dancing. Learning the right fundamentals and building a strong foundation is our focus here at Dance on Q. Aside from learning a great hobby, students will also have a perfect start if they decided to pursue the performing arts industry.

Why choose Dance on Q

We have students who have already performed in local and overseas tours. With international exposure, students have a chance to showcase their talent and explore different scenes. Whether it’s at Disneyland or Universal Studios, our students have successfully performed their routines and further built their confidence.

We’re committed to teaching students the international level of singing and dancing. Strong fundamentals will best prepare children for a career in the performing arts and yes, they’ll still stand out even if it’s a hobby.

We also have convenient and accessible locations at Unit 3, 9 Salisbury Road Castle Hill and Wrights Road Community Centre, Castle Hill (Opposite Kellyville Plaza). It will be easy for you to accompany and fetch your child.

Your child will love our facility and adore our instructors. Our friendly and supportive environment will ensure that your child feels safe and ready to take on the lessons. Here at Dance on Q, your child will be able to explore his or her potential and build a strong foundation in singing, dancing and the performing arts.

Call us today at 0422 611 518 and ask us about our fees, schedules and special discounts.