Aiden Malacaria

Ever since I could walk I have been pushing the limits for all aspects of my sporting life from soccer, swimming and athletics, all the way to my more recent tricking, tumbling and fire breathing. With nearly 7 years of self taught acrobatic training under my belt I have competed cheer, tumbling and dance with Zoo All stars and Gymstars cheer teams, tricking and tumbling in various battles and events with Team 9 Lives, and have over 3 years of performing experience with Phly Crew, Team 9 Lives, Ev and Bow, DMC, Zaffet Lebnen, Danceology and WB Productions. My skills range through trampoline, tumble track, floor, kicks, tricks, stunts, fire, fire breathing, roue cyr, adagio and I am currently performing a wide range of skills in a variety of performances from street shows and weddings to burlesque and musical theatre productions. I have trained full time in the Spin Circus course in Melbourne and maintain a highly intense training and conditoning schedule back home.