Technique Classes

Our Technique Classes here at Dance on Q are designed to strengthen each student’s skills through stretch and strength exercises. This is crucial for the students to successfully execute each dance routine.

There are no dance routines in this particular class. This focuses on building a solid physical foundation so the students’ movements will appear more natural and greatly reduce the risks of injuries.

Why choose Technique Classes?

Many students enrol in these classes so they’ll build the right foundation and better sustain their dancing. They will work on turns, kicks, leaps, pirouettes (whirling of the body especially in ballet) and other specific movements. This will result to a more fluid movement and perhaps an uninterruptible career in dancing.

It’s true that strong techniques and the right execution of even the minute movements can make dancing more beautiful and enjoyable. With strong techniques, students have a better chance of avoiding frustrations and mistakes during practice and on-stage performances.

Why choose Dance on Q?

Aside from strong techniques, the right guidance and excellent facilities are also essential in becoming an excellent dancer.

Our qualified instructors provide the right guidance to students (both beginners and with some experience). Our instructors have actual experience in the commercial and theatrical industries (not just theory) which is why they are better equipped to teach students.

An excellent environment will better encourage students to give their best. Here at Dance on Q we have the following to better support each student’s learning and practice process:

  • Sprung dance floors (excellent impact absorption to reduce risk of injuries)
  • Fully air conditioned rooms (focus more on the practice instead of the discomfort)
  • Spacious studios (comfortable enough for all students during each session)
  • Clean full-wall mounted mirrors so students can better view themselves

Fun learning experience here

Aside from learning the right techniques and building a strong foundation (especially if they’re preparing for a professional dance career), students will also have fun as they interact with peers and professional instructors. Young children and teens will better develop their social skills and camaraderie. Our students always look forward to each session because of the friendly and nurturing atmosphere.

Contact Dance on Q

We have convenient locations at the following sites:

  • Unit 3, Salisbury Road Castle Hill
  • Wrights Road Community Centre (opposite Kellyville Plaza)

You can call us today at 0422 611 518 if you want to learn more about our approach and facility.