2022 Term Dates

Term 1: Monday 31 January – Saturday 9 April (10 Weeks)
Term 2: Tuesday 26 April – Saturday 2 July (10 Weeks)
Term 3: Monday 18 July – Saturday 24 September (10 Weeks)
Term 4: Monday 10 October – Saturday 10 December (9 Weeks)

2022 Public Holidays/No Classes

Term 1: N/A
Term 2: Monday 25 April, Monday 13 June
Term 3: N/A
Term 4: No Class Saturday 3 December (Mini Showcase)

Pre-Junior / Senior School

Classes held at: Unit 3, 9 Salisbury Road. Castle Hill


Yellow Studio

4:00pmBallet RAD Grade 3 (Syllabus Only)

4:45pmPre-Intermediate Contemporary/Lyrical

5:45pmSenior Contemporary/Lyrical

6:45pmIntermediate Contemporary/Lyrical


Blue Studio

4:00pm Elite

5:00pm Ballet RAD Grade 2 (Syllabus Only)

5:45pm Ballet RAD Intermediate Fdt

6:45pm Ballet RAD Advanced Fdt

7:45pmPre-Pointe / Pointe Ballet

8:30pm Finish

Red Studio

4:00pm Junior Contemporary/Lyrical

5:00pm Inter/Senior Technique

5:45pm 7-10 years Technique

6:30pm Pre-Intermediate Troupe routines

7:30pm Finish


Yellow Studio

3:45pm Ballet RAD Primary (Syllabus Only)

4:30pm Pre-Junior JFH

5:00pm Senior Jazz (Troupe)

6:00pm Senior Tap

7:00pm Finish

Blue Studio

4:00pmAll Boys Hip Hop 5-­8 Years

4:45pmJunior JFH

5:30pm Pre-­Intermediate JFH

6:15pm Intermediate JFH

7:00pm Senior JFH

8:00pm Finish

Red Studio

4:00pm Mini Elite

5:00pm Pre-Junior ACRO

5:45pm Junior ACRO

6:30pm Pre-­Intermediate ACRO

7:30pm Intermediate ACRO

8:30pm Finish


Yellow Studio

4:00pm Pre-­Junior Jazz (Troupe)

4:45pm Pre-­Junior Tap (Troupe)

5:15pm Junior Tap (Troupe Students)

6:00pm Pre-Intermediate Tap

7:00pm Ballet RAD Grade 4


Blue Studio

4:00pmJunior Jazz

4:45pmJunior Tap

5:15pmBallet RAD Pre-Primary/Primary (Kindy/Yr1)

6:00pm Ballet RAD Grade 2 (Year 3)

7:00pm Ballet RAD Grade 5 (Syllabus Only)

8:00pm Finish

Red Studio

4:00pm Junior Jazz (Troupe)

5:00pm Pre-Intermediate Jazz (Troupe)

6:00pm Ballet RAD Grade 1 (Year 2)

7:00pm Ballet RAD Intermediate (Syllabus Only)

8:00pm Finish

Unit 28

4:00pm Ballet RAD Grade 3

5:00pm Pre-Intermediate Jazz

6:00pm Finish


Yellow Studio

4:15pmIntermediate Jazz (Troupe)

5:15pm Intermediate Tap

6:30pm Ballet RAD Intermediate

7:30pm Adults/Senior Pilates

8:30pm Finish

Blue Studio

4:00pm5-8 years Jazz Recreational

4:30pm 5-8 years Tap Recreational

5:00pm5-8 years Ballet Recreational

5:30pmBallet RAD Grade 4 (Syllabus Only)

6:30pmBallet RAD Intermediate Fdt (Syllabus Only)

7:30pmBallet RAD Advanced Foundation (Syllabus Only)


Red Studio

4:00pm Pre-Junior Troupe Routines

4:45pm Ballet RAD Grade 1 (Syllabus Only)

5:30pmJunior Troupe Routines

6:30pmBallet RAD Grade 5

7:30pmIntermediate Troupe Routines


Unit 28

4:15pm Intermediate Jazz

5:15pm: Finish


Yellow Studio

9:00am Musical Theatre 9-13 years

10:00am Group Singing 9-13 years

10:30am Finish

10:45am ­Intermediate JFH

11:30am Pre-­Intermediate JFH

12:15pm Finish

1:30pm ­Senior Musical Theatre

2:30pm ­Senior Group Singing

3:00pm ­Finish

Blue Studio

9:00am Junior JFH

9:45am Pre-­Junior JFH

10:15am Pre-­Junior Ballet/Jazz

10:45am ­Junior Ballet/Jazz

11:30am Musical Theatre 5-8 years

12:15pm Group Singing 5-8 years

12:45pm Pre-Junior JFH

1:15pm Pre-Junior Ballet/Jazz

1:45pm Finish

Red Studio

9:00am Pre-­Junior ACRO

9:45am Junior ACRO

10:30am Pre-­Intermediate ACRO

11:30am Intermediate/Senior ACRO

12:30pm Senior Troupe Routines

1:30pm ­Senior Jazz

2:30pm ­Finish

* Advance classes are suitable for students who are enrolled in 4 or more classes and have been dancing for many years. Please check with Tania & Kristina prior to enrolling in the advance classes.

Petite Performers

Classes held at: Wrights Road, Community Centre. Kellyville


10:05am Petite Performers 3-4½ Years

10:50am Petite Performers 4-­6 Years


9:20am Petite Performers 2-3½ Years

10:05am Petite Performers 3-4½ Years

10:50am Petite Performers 4­-6 Years


9:20am Petite Performers 3-4½ Years

10:05am Petite Performers 2-3½ Years

10:50am Petite Performers 4-­6 Years


9:20am Petite Performers 2-­3½ Years

10:05am Petite Performers 3-4½ Years

10:50am Petite Performers 4-­6 Years


9:20am Petite Performers 3-­4 ½ Years

10:05am Petite Performers 4-6 Years