ACRO (Acrobatics)

Our ACRO classes here at Dance on Q will help kids develop their form and strength. Through our challenging and fun classes, kids will be able to do cartwheels, flips, walkovers and more. It’s also a great opportunity to make friends, improve their social skills and cultivate discipline in training to get a competitive edge.

As a professional performing arts school in the Hills District, we have already provided amazing performance opportunities to kids and teens. We teach students age 2 to 18 so they can develop early on their full potential for dancing.

Qualified instructors, professional facilities

Our instructors are experienced performers themselves. With experience in the commercial and theatrical industry, they can teach the proper techniques and nuances when performing on stage.

Whether your child is interested in entering a professional dance school, participating in a dance competition or just wanting to explore, here at Dance on Q our qualified instructors can provide proper guidance so your child can realise his or her own full potential in the performing arts field.

To further help accomplish that, our facilities are fully equipped and specially designed to make the learning experience more fun and productive. That’s why our dance studios have the following:

  • Sprung dance floors (absorbs impact for reduced risk of injuries)
  • Fully air conditioned rooms (students are comfortable even during tough practice)
  • Spacious studios (kids will have a lot of room to do their gymnastics moves)
  • Full wall-mounted mirrors (students will better appreciate their techniques & movements)

Every detail looks and feels professional. We understand that an excellent environment inspires excellence. With our professional dance studios rest assured that your child will learn in an inspiring facility.

Why choose Dance on Q

Students gain competitive edge when it comes to executive gymnastics and acrobatics movements. In fact many of our students have already performed in overseas dance tours, prestigious dance competitions, charity events, school fetes and in other professional and fun settings.

Aside from helping kids gain a competitive edge, we also focus on making each class enjoyable for everyone. Surely it is an entirely wonderful experience that your child will enjoy telling you every day you come home.

Kids these days always have a lot of energy. That’s best spent on fun and productive activities such as further developing their talent on dancing. This expands their comfort zone, improves their social skills and encourages them to explore deeper and further. They will also experience rapid right brain development early on, which can give them additional advantages when they grow up and pursue a professional career.

Contact us here at Dance on Q

The best way to learn more about our program and facility is by visiting or contacting us. This way you’ll quickly get an idea about our service and learning environment. It’s also a great chance to see our students and how happy they are while they are learning.

You can visit us at the following convenient locations:

  • Unit 3, Salisbury Road Castle Hill
  • Wrights Road Community Centre (opposite Kellyville Plaza)


You can also call us today at 0422 611 518 and ask us about our special discounts such as discounted rates for siblings and multiple dance classes enrolments.