How to Prepare My Child for a Dance Class?

Children can feel nervous and stressed in their first dance class. To help prevent that, it’s good for parents to do the following: Do a preparatory visit Children always crave safety, stability and familiarity. For them the dance studio is an unfamiliar, unsafe and potentially frightening place. It even gets worse if suddenly several other […]

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What Should My Child Wear to a Dance Class?

Footwear is the most important because it should be closed and non-slip (for safety, especially for children 2 to 6 years old). About the clothes, children should feel the comfort and the freedom to move. There could be a compulsory uniform but it still depends on the performing arts school. What should my child wear […]

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Why is Dancing Good for the Child’s Brain?

During their early years, young children are still trying to make sense of things around them. Because of the lack of experience, it’s still challenging for them to adapt and learn. Perhaps with that same reason they’re always actively exploring and learning to somehow make up for their inexperience. Why is dancing good for the […]

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Will Dancing Make You Smarter?

Dancing and other forms of physical exercise will stimulate our minds and hence help with our optimal brain function. It’s also the case whenever we do other recreational activities such as playing musical instruments or even just solving a challenging puzzle. Does dancing help our memory and learning? “The only physical activity to offer protection […]

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Which is Better? Solo or Group Dance Performance?

For children and adults, both solo and group performances are great for skills enhancement and creative self-expression. Although each has its own benefit, they’re still both valuable in building confidence and showing what we’ve practiced and worked hard for. Difference between solo and group performance In solo dancing, all eyes are on the performer and […]

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Benefits of Dance In Early Childhood

What Are The Benefits of Dance In Early Childhood?

Dancing is such an important activity for children of all ages to participate in. Not only does dance teach self expression and fine motor skills, it is a great way to ensure kids stay fit, happy and confident. In this post we outline some of the main benefits of dance and how they can help […]

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Preschool Songs To Sing

6 Best Preschool Songs To Sing To Warm Up Before Class

If you have ever participated in gymnastics, dance or singing at a preschool level, you can probably remember with the warm-ups creative professionals like at Dance on Q perform to get their kids ready for class. Parachutes, hand games and songs are regularly performed to get kids’ creative energy flowing. There are several preschool songs […]

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Young Couples Dance Moves

What Your Dance Moves Say About You

There were already studies done about the link between personality and dancing (Men’s personality and women’s perception of their dance quality; Dance confidence, age and gender). These studies were attempts to reveal if how we dance tells something about how we think and behave. What your dance moves say about you It’s possible that how […]

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Children's Dance Styles

What Kind of Dance Should My Child Learn?

If your child is around two to six years old, it will be great to introduce them to the fundamentals of song and dance. It can include some singing, jazz, ballet, tap dance, hip hop, drama and musical theatre. The goal is to let your child explore the performing arts early and have fun during […]

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Maths in Dance

Maths In Dance: Learning Dance Improves Maths Skills

At a time where the performing arts are really struggling due to COVID, a study has emerged from America which shows that an arts integration teaching model bolsters young children’s math achievement. The team of judges at the American Institute for Research had their research published. Findings from the research, titled, Evaluation of the Wolf […]

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