What is the Best Age for Kids to Learn Dance? 

Children can start to learn how to dance in a proper studio by age 2. There are now dance classes aimed for kids aged 2 to 6 years (preschool years). In these classes, they can further develop their balance, motor skills, awareness and confidence. 

More fun and experience 

Children in dance classes can also have more fun and gain a wide variety of experience because: 

  • Children can make new friends 
  • They’re in a stimulating environment 
  • They can start to appreciate different types of dances 
  • They can perform in groups and learn how to coordinate with others 
  • They can take part in dance tours (local and overseas) and get exposed to different environments and cultures 

In other words, dance classes can expand our children’s comfort zone and become comfortable in different environments and situations. This will further build their self-esteem and become comfortable as well when interacting with other children. Whether dancing becomes a career path or not, children can still immensely benefit from the experiences gained from those fun and fruitful classes. 

About the value of practice and discipline 

Although two-year old children might still find it hard to follow many of the dance routines, they will still start to learn that there’s order and structure in the things around them. This will help them better make sense of the world especially in their early years when their brains are rapidly developing. 

Still, the focus of dance classes for young children is to let them have more fun and gain a variety of experience. This will be valuable in their rapid brain development as they consolidate different lessons, concepts and experiences. This will also help them with their physical development.  

As mentioned before, through dancing, children can further develop their motor skills, balance and coordination. With this further development, children can become more skillful and confident during each playtime. They can better participate in other physical activities aside from dancing and become more confident in different group situations.