Which is Better? Solo or Group Dance Performance?

For children and adults, both solo and group performances are great for skills enhancement and creative self-expression. Although each has its own benefit, they’re still both valuable in building confidence and showing what we’ve practiced and worked hard for.

Difference between solo and group performance

In solo dancing, all eyes are on the performer and he/she must be completely confident on stage. Each mistake will be magnified but this also means the beauty and glory will be focused at. The audience can better focus on the individual performer, which is why this kind of performance (whether singing or dancing) sometimes gets breathtaking. When executed perfectly, the performance can connect with the audience and resonate with their hearts and souls.

In group performances, that connection and focus also happen. The difference though is that there are too many details when there are two or more dancers on stage. Eyes often wander and the viewers might not know where to focus. But if the dancers act as a single unit and that the formations and coordination are executed perfectly, the result can also be equally breathtaking.

Coordination is always a key whether it’s performing in solo or a group. In solo practices and performances, the dancer must coordinate his/her entire body and movement to deliver something excellent and coherent. It’s the same case in a group where coordination also happens but in addition to that, there should be unity among the group members. It’s like the entire group should be seen as a single organism and that the entire performance tells a unified story.

Either way, dancing expands our comfort zone, possibilities, perceptions and social circle. At the end of the day or performance, it’s a great feeling to talk about dancing with the mentor or other members. It’s also great to re-watch and re-experience the performance and then watch out for opportunities for improvement. In addition, the process itself during practice and performance is delightful because we are able to express ourselves while also applying discipline to our methods and movements. Children can learn and experience this early on by enrolling in dance classes. They can also have fun during those classes as they share the studio and stage with other kids.