When Can My Child Take Dance Classes?

If your child is at least 2 years old, now’s the perfect time to enrol him/her to a combination dance class. At that age, kids can already follow instructions in a dance class (and enjoy the lessons and practise too).

At age 2, classes tend to be more focused on fun exploration because young kids might still not be able to follow specific movements and techniques. But at age 3 and beyond, the children will be ready for more complex movements and coordination (especially when learning ballet and tap dance).

Why is it good to start early?

During the child’s early years is the time when millions of key neural connections are being formed (plus the core brain architecture is being built). As a result, it’s very helpful for children to get exposed to stimulating and structured learning environments. In fact, this is vital for the children’s cognitive development as they develop awareness about the surroundings and the space they occupy.

For instance, most young kids are still clumsy when it comes to moving around. They haven’t yet learned how to recognise their space, transfer their weight and achieve physical balance when moving or performing certain body movements. But with dancing, they’ll be able to gradually learn the complex movements and coordination necessary (plus the awareness of the space they occupy and of the others).

In addition, young children get introduced to a new range of movements and possibilities. In their minds during a dance class, they might be thinking “Wow that’s cool and for sure I can do it too.” And often, dance movements can help in their physical development (growth of muscles and bones, building of endurance).

Dance classes are good for building social awareness and confidence too. Each child will be able to interact with other kids and learn how to coordinate as well. They’ll also be able to learn how to share their space with others as each one executes the required movements.

When can my child take dance classes

For kids ages 2 and up, beginner dance classes are already available here at Dance on Q. Aside from a focus on fun exploration, our qualified instructors (with commercial and theatrical experience) also prioritise learning, discipline and technique (which are all crucial to preparing the kids for formal schooling and the world beyond).

The learning environment we have here is friendly, supportive and encouraging, which is why many parents choose Dance on Q for their children. Contact us today and let’s discover which particular type of dance is best for your child.