What Should My Child Wear to a Dance Class?

Footwear is the most important because it should be closed and non-slip (for safety, especially for children 2 to 6 years old). About the clothes, children should feel the comfort and the freedom to move. There could be a compulsory uniform but it still depends on the performing arts school.

What should my child wear to a dance class

About uniforms and specific footwear, this could be required for older children or in specific classes. For example in ballet, it’s required for children to wear ballet shoes (and tap shoes for tap dance). For contemporary dance, going barefoot is common. The required footwear as well as the clothes vary depending on the dance.

If you still have no idea what your child should wear, it’s good to ask the dance instructors or contact the performing arts school. But to give you a quick idea, it’s also good to browse their photos and gallery (as well as their official social media accounts). It also helps to visit the dance studios to see the uniforms (and actually see the facilities). This way you’ll immediately know what your child should wear.

The priorities here are about safety and comfort. This way your child can move freely, avoid slips and accidents and feel comfortable and confident. This will help your child better focus on the lessons and practice. The added confidence is also a great boost to help him/her better socialise with peers and classmates.

Other important things

Aside from the uniform and footwear, it’s also important to pay attention to the facilities and environment of the professional performing arts school. The whole place must always be properly illuminated and that the floors should be safe and appropriate for learning and practicing how to dance. Good air conditioning is also important because it’s hard to focus on the lessons if it’s uncomfortable inside the dance studios.

Here at Dance on Q, we have designed an excellent environment for children to better focus and appreciate dancing. With sprung dance floors, reliable air conditioning and a supportive atmosphere, the entire environment looks and feels professional. Take a quick look at our facilities or contact us today if you want to enrol your child into a dance class.