Conditions of Enrolment


Term 1: Monday 1 February – Thursday 1 April (9 Weeks)

Term 2: Monday 19 April – Saturday 26 June (10 Weeks)

Term 3: Monday 12 July – Saturday 18 September (10 Weeks)

Term 4: Tuesday 5 October – Saturday 11 December (10 Weeks)


Term 1: Fri 2 April, Sat 3 April Term 2: Mon 14 June

Term 3: N/A Term 4: Mon 5 October, Sat 4 December (Mini Showcase)

2021 END OF YEAR SHOWCASE Junior to Senior Students Only

DANCE on Q’s 2021 End of Year Showcase will be held on Sunday 28 November at The Concourse – Concert Hall (409 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood). There will be a compulsory Showcase Rehearsal at DANCE on Q studio on Sunday 21 November & a compulsory rehearsal at The Concourse – Concert Hall on Monday 22 November. Junior-Senior students perform with the following exclusions (Excludes: Technique, Singing, Ballet RAD Exam (Syllabus Only) Classes, ACRO, All Boys Hip Hop 5-8 years, Pre-junior Students, ALL Recreational Classes) It is the parents responsibility to make us aware if their child will not participate at the Showcase upon enrolment.


Singing students, Pre-Junior Students, Pre-Primary & Primary Ballet (excluding syllabus only classes), All Boys Hip Hop 5-8 years, Troupe Routines, Graduating 4-6 years Petite Performers, Recreational Classes. DANCE on Q’s 2021 End of Year Mini Showcase will be held on Saturday 4 December at The Lyceum Theatre, Castle Hill RSL Club. Petite Performers who will be starting kindergarten in 2021 will receive a graduation medal on stage. Petite Performers will be required to wear the Petite Performers uniform and all other students will receive costumes (please see costume deposit info below).


Extra rehearsals are compulsory and rehearsal fees are payable depending on length of rehearsal times.


A $25 costume deposit is to be paid in Term 2 and Term 3 for each class your child attends (excluding ACRO, Pointe, RAD exam only classes & Technique). At DANCE on Q we believe efficiency and organisation is the key to the smooth running of the studio therefore all initial costume orders are made in Term 2/Term 3 and costume deposits are non-refundable once the costume has been purchased by DANCE on Q. Costume balance payable in Term 4. A $25 per student rehearsal fee and $30 per family production fee will also be charged on Term 4 Fees. Production fee covers all filming and photography for both shows and families will receive an online link for filming/photography footage from both shows.


PRE_JUNIOR: 5-6 years old (K-Y1) INTERMEDIATE: 11-13 years old (Y6-Y8)

JUNIOR: 7-8 years old (Y2-Y3) SENIOR: 14 Years old and up (Y9+)

PRE-INTERMEDIATE: 9-10 years old (Y4-Y5)

Student’s ability and experience will be taken into consideration when placed in classes.


* Students must not enter class studio until a teacher is present

* No food to be consumed during class

* No food containing nuts to be brought into the studio

* Students must not leave premises unless accompanied by a parent or guardian

* Code of Conduct for students and parents are displayed at studio reception which are

for the benefit of each enrolled student.


DANCE on Q top with black shorts/leggings for all classes excluding JFH & Ballet. Black Jazz shoes (Jazz, Troupe, Technique, Musical Theatre), black Tap shoes, barefoot for ACRO & Lyrical/Contemporary & any shoes for singing.

JFH/All Boys Hip Hop: DANCE on Q Tee with black shorts/comfortable pants and closed non-slip sneakers similar to converse or vans (any colour).

Ballet RAD Pre-Primary to Grade 2 Ballet & Ballet/Jazz: Candy Pink Bloch RAD Rosa Leotard, Bloch Elite Theatrical Pink stockings or Bloch Ballet socks, Bloch Pink Leather Ballet Shoes.

Ballet RAD Grade 3 to Grade 5: Navy Bloch Rosa Leotard (Child size) or Navy Bloch Rosanna Leotard (Adult size), Bloch Elite Theatrical Pink stockings or Bloch Ballet socks, Bloch Pink Leather Ballet Shoes.

Ballet RAD Intermediate Fdt to Advance Fdt: Black Leotard, Bloch Elite Theatrical Pink stockings, Bloch Pink Leather Ballet Shoes.

DANCE on Q Top – $40 Child sizes 6-14 – $44 Adult sizes XS-XL

DANCE on Q Tee – $25 Child sizes 8-14 – $25 Adult sizes S-XL

DANCE on Q Jacket – $85 Child sizes 6-14 – $90 Adult sizes XS-L – $95 Adult sizes XL-2XL

DANCE on Q Bag – $48 (One size)

DANCE on Q Leggings – $60 Child sizes XS-L – $70 Adult sizes XS-L

All DANCE on Q merchandise available to purchase at DANCE on Q reception.


Please notify by phone, text or email if your child will be absent. It is also the parents responsibility to ensure students are punctual. Classes must be paid for, whether your child attends or not. If you go on holiday’s or students miss classes due to other personal circumstances, fees need to be paid in full to guarantee your child’s place in class. Students need to be supervised by their parents before and after class. Teacher supervision extends only to students in class.


An annual registration fee of $35 is to be paid on enrolment to cover admin costs. See above price list for discounts applicable to families with multiple children. Fees are to be paid by the first class of term or any given due date to secure students place in class and must be made for the full term (eg: family holidays during school term will not be deducted). Late fees apply to overdue invoices.

We do not credit/refund for missed classes due to holidays, injuries, pandemics/other circumstances out of our control. Students may attend make up lessons in place of missed classes.


DANCE on Q follows the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) in Classical Ballet. Exam classes encourage correct technique & strength by following the syllabus and understanding the progressions through each grade. Students do not need to participate in exams to move up to the next grade.


Photos and videos taken by DANCE on Q may be used on the website and any other advertising materials. There will be no payment for their use.