Contemporary Dance Classes

In contemporary dance classes your child will learn versatility and improvisation. That’s why here at Dance on Q we emphasise fluid dance movements and flexibility.

Our classes are a mixture of ballet and jazz with elements of yoga. As a result, students will learn various techniques from qualified instructors with commercial and theatrical experience. Whether students will pursue a dance career or not, they will build a strong foundation and enjoy each class.

Why choose Dance on Q

Aside from having qualified and experienced instructors, Dance on Q has excellent facilities that fully support learning such as:

  • Spacious dance floors (80 to 110 square metres)
  • Quality audio system
  • Sprung dance floors (fewer injuries because the floor absorbs impact)
  • Full wall mounted mirrors (students will better see and evaluate their own movements)
  • Comfortable air conditioning throughout the session (students will better focus on the dance lessons)

Castle Hill contemporary dance lessons

Our focus here on Dance on Q is the development of versatility and improvisation. As a result, students will further enhance their creativity. Students will learn that freedom of movement also exists in dancing.

But strong techniques and musicality are also crucial in contemporary dance. Our qualified instructors teach those techniques so students will better express themselves and achieve fluidity at the same time.

Contemporary dance for kids and teens

Kids and teens will learn flexibility and versatility during each dance class. They’ll also be able to interact with fellow students. This results to more fun and further development of their social skills. Indeed, learning how to dance goes beyond learning the proper dance movement. It’s also about enjoyment and learning how to get along with others.

Contact Dance on Q

You can call us today at 0422 611 518 and learn more about our approach. You can also visit us at our convenient locations:

  • Unit 3, Salisbury Road Castle Hill
  • Wrights Road Community Centre (opposite Kellyville Plaza)

During each of our classes, your child will learn the best techniques while experiencing fun and excitement.