Which Dance Class is Best for Your Kid?

Ballet, jazz, tap or musical theatre? Which dance class is best for your kid and how do you really know if you picked the right one?

It’s a bit difficult to choose the first class because each type of dance has its own strengths and attractive features. For instance, ballet emphasises form, flexibility and strength. On the other hand, musical theatre has a more holistic approach because it includes dancing, acting, singing and dialogue. Other dance types have other emphasis but each one is already a good choice because of the physical, social and cognitive benefits they give.

What does your child like?

Well, you can’t let yourself do all the decision-making because your child has a lot to say. Perhaps your child has already shown an interest in ballet or tap dance (e.g. did you catch her imitating the movements in a dance video?). Or, your child has already made up her mind and you notice her face glow when you’re showing her a particular dance class.

Whichever is the case, there’s no wrong or correct answer here because dance classes can help with your child’s physical, social and cognitive development. It’s true that ballet seems focused on instilling discipline but this can also be learned in other dance classes. Even if it’s hip hop, there are still proper ways on how to perform the movements and how to do a smooth transition. So if your child already has an interest in a particular type of dance, perhaps it’s a good idea to let her pursue it.

What’s important in choosing a dance class?

What matters more than which type of dance to choose is which dance studio can provide the best learning experience for your child. We’re talking about the environment because this has a huge impact to your child’s journey.

For instance, a dance studio with clean and excellent facilities can better inspire learning and excellence. Never underestimate the physical and social environment your child is in because it can greatly influence your child’s perceptions and development. With clean sprung dance floors, spotless wall mounted mirrors, shiny wall mounted wall barres and perfectly functioning air conditioning and sound system, learning how to dance and practising will always be an enjoyable and productive experience for your child.

Here at Dance on Q, we have clean and excellent facilities here that kids love. We conduct classes for learners ages 2 to 18 years. We always make sure of a fun and supportive experience so that kids will learn and appreciate dancing.