Why Dancing is Good for Children’s Development?

Aside from exposing kids to a new field and expanding their comfort zones, dancing offers other great benefits to children.

  1. Meeting fellow kids and improving social skills
  2. Physical exercise
  3. Optimal brain development

First, through dancing lessons they get to meet fellow kids and improve their social skills. Second, dancing is a great physical exercise. Physical growth and development largely depends on movements. Without movement, blood can’t efficiently circulate and bones and muscles won’t have chances to develop fully.

Spatial awareness & brain development

Third, dancing (which requires a lot of movement) helps kids develop their spatial awareness. They will become more aware of the space they occupy and how they navigate through that space. They’ll also become more aware of the spaces being occupied by others.

This is very important as kids learn how to interact with other people and the environment. As kids, they still don’t have the full capabilities to move around without being clumsy. And as kids and during their early years, this is a crucial period for their brain development. This is when their core brain architecture is being built.

During their early years, the kids’ brains undergo rapid development. Crucial neural connections are being formed which can guide them through the succeeding years. Although the brain is versatile and can still catch up later, it’s always good to give kids early advantages so they’ll have better chances to succeed in life.

Letting kids to explore & interact

It’s ironic that as our technologies and communication tools become more widespread and advanced, individual isolation also becomes more common. This is also true for kids because their leisure time is being spent more in front of a computer or TV.

It’s difficult (or almost impossible) to discourage kids from using a computer, a tablet, smartphone or a TV without presenting good alternatives to occupy their time. Kids are active and restless. They’re always excited to explore the world.

Dancing provides a great avenue for that. In a rich environment, kids will have ample chances for discovery and social interaction. Their energies will be spent on more worthwhile and enjoyable activities. Also, they get to meet fellow kids. This is a great opportunity to help them develop their social skills and empathy.

Why dancing is good for children’s development

Dancing can help kids in their mental, social and physical development. And yes, kids get to expand their horizons early on. They get to discover a new world and meet new people along the way.

That’s what we do here at Dance on Q. We go beyond teaching dancing skills to children. Our rich environment and approach also allow kids to creatively express themselves, get along with other kids and explore their own potential. Contact us today for more information.