Why is Dancing Good for the Child’s Brain?

During their early years, young children are still trying to make sense of things around them. Because of the lack of experience, it’s still challenging for them to adapt and learn. Perhaps with that same reason they’re always actively exploring and learning to somehow make up for their inexperience.

Why is dancing good for the child’s brain

The key then is to let children get several and a variety of experiences. With that abundance and diversity of input, their brains will get stronger (because key neural connections will form). The result is a strong brain architecture with a solid foundation (which leads to better and faster learning, which will give them an edge once they start with their formal schooling).

One way to accomplish that is by enrolling them in a dance class. During the lessons and practice, they gain valuable experience (whether it’s a ballet or hip hop class). Further, during performances they get exposure to various environments (including crowds and overseas tours). Dance lessons and performances are also a great way for them to socialise and build their self-esteem.

Although it’s difficult or impossible to quantify the cognitive benefits of dancing, surely dance lessons and performances can still expand the child’s comfort zone and build his/her confidence. With that added confidence and courage, children can then better face the challenges ahead (and become more active in playing and exploring).

Again, the key here is an abundance and diversity of experiences. Yes it’s true that children will gain experience no matter what they do (whether they’re just playing on the floor, watching random videos or just copying how other people dance). However, it’s still best to provide some structure and direction so that their experiences will be helpful and valuable.

Professional dance instruction can help with that. The learning will have structure and direction under the guidance of qualified educators (who have actual experience in the commercial and theatrical industry). In addition, the professional and supportive environment can help with the children’s learning and practice (they will always be safe and it has a comfortable learning environment).

Here at Dance on Q, we help children gain valuable experiences not just in dancing, but also through performances and dance tours. Also, during practice and lessons they always feel safe and comfortable (so that they can better enjoy the experience and also help them better focus on the lessons and practice). If you want to learn more about our approach, you can visit this page for more information.