Difference Between On-Stage and Virtual Performance

Because of social media, it’s now easy to perform and have it seen by hundreds or thousands of people. This is in contrast with a live on-stage performance where there could only be a few dozen viewers (except if it’s a large venue). However, the pressure and the experience on stage could be totally different or superior to doing an online performance.

Difference between on-stage and virtual performance

It’s especially the case with dance performances where it’s a 3-dimensional experience. Watching a live on-stage performance could make a lot more impact and evoke a deeper emotion than viewing it through a computer screen or smartphone. This feeling applies to both the performers and the viewers.

In addition, on-stage performances are unforgiving (they don’t give second chances). There’s that pressure to get the dance routines perfectly because there will be no editing later. This applies to both the professional dancers and hobbyists who want to achieve excellence in front of a live audience.

When it comes to children though, it’s more about building their self-esteem and helping them expand their comfort zone. This can also be achieved through virtual performances and online dance classes. However, they’ll benefit more from on-stage performances being viewed by a live audience. It’s a real experience that children will never forget.

But recently because of the lockdowns and restrictions, on-studio practice sessions and on-stage performances were held up (and may happen again anytime). This is for the safety of our children, but hopefully it’s all just a temporary setup. Children still have to be exposed to a variety of environments and gain a diverse set of experience for their healthy development. They can gain all that through on-studio dance classes and on-stage performances.

Here at Dance on Q, we want children to receive professional dance instruction and gain meaningful experiences. Although our focus recently has been on conducting Zoom classes, we still try our best to make each session productive. This way, children can still enjoy dancing under professional guidance and instruction.