Drama Classes

Do you want your child to improve his/her confidence and self-expression? Have you noticed that your child had shown some interest in acting and the performing arts?

Here at Dance on Q we introduce students (ages 2 to 18 years old) to all aspects of the performing arts including Drama. With the guidance of our qualified instructors (who have professional experience in the commercial and theatrical industry), your child will improve his/her confidence and self-expression.

Castle Hill performing arts classes

Some kids are shy and always hesitate to come forward and stand out. Although this is natural, it may hurt their current social experience and future interaction with people and the real world. Strong academics is still important. But it might not be enough to build your child’s confidence.

That’s why many parents enrol their kids in performing arts classes. For example here at Dance on Q our students have successfully developed their confidence. With performance opportunities locally and overseas, they were able to explore different environments and make new friends.

We also maintain a friendly, supportive and fun environment during each class. It’s a safe environment for kids to explore their creative side. As a result, kids enjoy their time while they’re also building their awareness and imagination.

Drama classes for preschool aged students

With our Petite Performers Program for students aged 2 to 6 years old, many children have made new friends and improved their social skills. Our qualified instructors incorporate the use of fun and colourful props to make each class engaging.

This makes the classes productive and fun at the same time. Kids build a solid foundation in the performing arts while also feeling it as an energetic playtime. This makes the learning more effective which can give kids a perfect start in the performing arts industry if they decided to pursue the field.

Children will learn the fundamentals of song, dance and theatre. It’s a full package of learning wherein they become more confident and spontaneous. This will help them better transition into formal schooling because of their increased confidence and comfort zone.

Why choose Dance on Q

To accomplish all that, our qualified instructors bring current knowledge and trends on an international level to the studio. With professional experience in the commercial and theatrical industry, rest assured that your child will learn from the true professionals.

As a professional performing arts school in the Hills District, we’re committed to bringing the same level of comfort and care kids receive at home. With fully functioning air conditioning systems in our spacious studios (approximately 80 to 110sqm), your child can focus more on learning and having fun.

Our sprung dance floors and wall-mounted mirrors will make practice much more fun and professional. Kids are delighted and can’t wait to practice their techniques in our studios. Every detail is made professional so kids know early what it’s like to be in a high-class studio and professional environment.

So if you want your child to build his/her confidence and creative self-expression in a professional environment through drama and the performing arts, phone us today at 0422 611 518. We have convenient locations at Unit 3, 9 Salisbury Road Castle Hill and Wrights Road Community Centre, Castle Hill (Opposite Kellyville Plaza).