Jazz Dance

Here at Dance on Q, we conduct jazz dance classes in Castle Hill with a strong focus on precision, strength, technique and flexibility. Our qualified instructors are professionals in both the commercial and theatrical industry. They can also teach your child the current knowledge and trends in jazz dance.

Why jazz dance?

Many Sydney parents enrol their kids in arts, music and dance classes. They do this to:

  • Expand the kids’ comfort zone and skill set
  • Expose the children to another professional and social environment
  • Help kids gain more friends
  • Teach the children about the value of routine, practice and discipline
  • Prepare kids for competitions and professional endeavours

Specifically, jazz dance can help accomplish all that. It’s because this dance requires students to learn clean choreographed techniques. It requires a lot of practice and discipline, which will prepare children for any endeavour they choose.

Why Learn at Dance on Q

In our fully equipped dance studios, kids 2 to 18 years old will learn about the proper outfit, techniques, moves and current trends. Children and teens are sure to have fun in every session (including before and after the practice because they will have more friends).

We have complete facilities including air conditioning, audio system, wall-mounted mirrors and sprung dance floors specifically designed for dancing. Our flooring absorbs shocks which gives a softer feel to all students. It greatly reduces injuries and makes dancing a more fun experience.

For the convenience of parents and kids, we have 2 locations in Castle Hill (one along Salisbury Road and the other at Wrights Road Community Centre). We have:

  • 3 dance studios
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Reception area for parents
  • Separate waiting area for students

Our spacious facility and friendly instructors will help your child learn the dance style while enjoying each class.

Contact us today if you want to learn more about our instructors, facilities.