How to Keep Your Child Active Indoors

Whether it’s because of new restrictions, stormy weather, hot sunny days or your family just prefers to stay indoors for a while, it’s still important to keep our children physically active. This is crucial for their proper physical and brain development especially during their early years.

How to keep your child active indoors

One amazing way to keep your child moving is by letting him/her dance. Dancing is a highly engaging activity that children love (it’s like we’re all built to respond to upbeat rhythm). Aside from being a fun activity, it also doesn’t require a lot of space and children can do it anytime. You also don’t have to buy a new set of toys or equipment. And yes, it’s safe to do indoors where your child can be comfortable and protected all day long.

Although it’s not as physically exhausting as running, dancing will still require significant physical effort from children. It’s still about using their muscles and bones as well as helping the blood circulate more freely. The physical benefits are still there and dancing is much better than doing nothing at all.

Moreover, it’s also a great way for children to develop their balance and coordination. Whether they’re just copying someone from the internet or attending an online dance class, children can still learn proper movements and sequences that require coordination. This will also help hone their skills in tuning to the music and rhythm while dancing.

It’s not as beneficial as practicing in a dance studio and getting along with other children. In a performing arts school, children can also develop their social skills as they get to know other children as well as coordinate with them during group dance performances. Also, dance studios are designed to be the ideal environment in practice and learning.

Still, dancing has physical and cognitive benefits whether it’s done at home or a dance studio. With proper instruction, whether in person or just online, children can still learn a lot from such activity. It will add great variety to what they’ve been doing indoors as they dance to different tunes and rhythms.