How Do I Know If My Child Will Be a Good Dancer?

Are good dancers born or made? Will your child be a good dancer? It’s true that genetics and innate abilities play a role. But becoming a good dancer still requires professional instruction and proper guidance. This is to help children reach their full potential and even if they lack the “gift”, they can still perform well because they received proper training.

Will your child become a good dancer?

It’s still more about the environment and experience. If your child is in an environment where discipline and excellence is the norm, most likely he/she will adopt the same attitude. If your child is gaining positive and supportive early experiences, he/she will be further encouraged to explore and learn.

It’s especially the case with dancing where environment and experience play a huge role. For example, a dance studio that is clean and looking professional will foster a first-class outlook and attitude. Also, early experiences that are geared towards practice and discipline are likely to help children build a strong foundation about the correlation of hard work with results.

In other words, what matters more is where your child gains his/her learning experiences than his/her innate abilities. It’s difficult or almost impossible to tell whether your child will become a good dancer or not. Even if he/she has an unusual interest in dancing and music, this doesn’t guarantee how far your child will go when it comes to dancing.

Your role as a parent

Your role is about being an enabler and supporter when it comes to your child’s journey and learning. You enable your child to explore and support his/her interests and curiosities.

In addition, professional instructors also play a supporting role. With their specialisation in dancing, they can properly guide your child and help fulfil his/her potential. After all, genetics and innate abilities won’t matter without proper guidance and support. What’s crucial is sustained support and encouragement so that your child can go further whether it’s about dancing or other fields and professions.