Lyrical Dance Classes

Here at Dance on Q we conduct lyrical dance classes with emphasis on musicality and emotion. Our qualified instructors (with experience in commercial and theatrical industry) provide lessons that further bring out the talent from each student.

Why choose lyrical dance?

Students will develop strong techniques while also learning how to better express themselves. That’s because lyrical dance combines the technical elements of classical ballet with the freedom and fluidity found in jazz and modern dance.

As a result, students can better convey their emotions through movement. This allows them to improve their musicality and learn this modern type of dance (and get prepared for dance school and competitions).

Why choose Dance on Q

Aside from techniques and fluidity being taught by our qualified instructors, Dance on Q also has excellent facilities such as the following:

  • Sprung dance floors (better absorb impact and reduce injuries)
  • Spacious studios (80 to 100 square metres)
  • High-quality audio system
  • Full wall mounted mirrors
  • Comfortable air conditioning (students can better focus on learning)

In addition, we also encourage social interaction through our supportive environment. This way, your child can learn while also gaining full enjoyment from the experience.

Castle Hill lyrical dance lessons

We conduct fun and professional dance classes for students ages 5 to 18 years old. Whether it’s preparation for a full-time course/career in the dance industry or a further development of the child’s talents and creativity, lyrical dance lessons are a great way to give them a kick start.

This is possible because lyrical dance also teaches students how to be creative and expressive. This could further draw out their right brain faculties which is crucial for their holistic development (and expanding their comfort zone).

Contact Dance on Q

Here at our facilities (with the expert guidance of our qualified instructors) kids and teens learn to tap more into their creativity. Our dance classes are also specifically designed for results and enjoyment.

Call us today at 0422 611 518 if you want to learn more about our approach and program. You can also visit us at the following locations:

  • Unit 3, Salisbury Road Castle Hill
  • Wrights Road Community Centre (opposite Kellyville Plaza)