Why is Musical Theatre Good for Children? 

There’s literally more life to watching live performances. It’s especially the case with musical theatre where we better see and feel the characters. Their voices and movements as well as their overall presence make us better feel what they feel and understand what exactly they’re going through. 

It’s more interesting behind the scenes though. That’s because the performers have to express the necessary emotions on stage. For them to accomplish that marvellous feat, they have to learn a variety of skills and master the material. They should know how to sing, dance and express themselves as well as know the story by heart. Aside from touching the audience’s heart, the performance can also cause a permanent change in the performers’ abilities and perception of life. 

Musical theatre and early childhood development 

It’s especially the case with children. Enrolling in musical theatre classes and taking part in live performances can benefit them immensely. Those classes and the actual performances can help with their cognitive, social and emotional development. 

During the rehearsals and performances, children have to learn how to convey emotions and empathise with the characters they’re portraying. They also have to sync their voices and movements to the flow of the music and story. They also have to learn how to cooperate and get along with others, especially during the rehearsals. 

Musical theatre classes also add another dimension to the children’s learning experience. Instead of just reading or hearing about exciting stories from books and other learning materials, children are also able to act out and experience those stories themselves. This will further enrich their imagination and fuel their creativity. Further, this can boost their problem solving and expressive skills because of their richer imagination. 

Also, the live performance can boost the children’s self-esteem. They’ll know that they can do something well and perform in front of a live audience. They’ll have a bigger comfort zone, and they will feel confident when facing a crowd, whether it’s about performing a dance, delivering a speech or presenting in front of a class. 

In other words, musical theatre can further enrich the children’s journey and support their rapid development. It can better equip them with tools and capabilities to navigate the big school and beyond. This can help accelerate their progress and further enjoy the journey ahead.