Why Do Parents Send Their Kids to Dance Lessons? 

Whether our children will be professional dancers or not, dance lessons can help expand our kids’ experiences. Dance classes add variety to children’s activities. Also, many parents know that sending their kids to performing arts lessons can result in the following benefits: 

  • Learning the value of practice and discipline 
  • Getting along better with other children 
  • Developing appreciation for the performing arts 
  • Getting exposed to the crowd and different environments 

It’s especially the case when children perform in a crowd or on dance tours. There, they can further build their self-esteem. They can become more comfortable in different environments and settings. This can help them better navigate the big school and the real world because they already have a significantly big comfort zone. 

Dancing for holistic development 

Aside from helping build their self-esteem, dancing can also help children with their physical and cognitive development. Many parents have already recognised this which is why they continue to enroll their children in dance classes, whether ballet, hip hop, musical theatre or contemporary dance. 

For example, the practice sessions and the actual performances can help improve our children’s physical health. This provides a good exercise as well as helps them further develop their balance, coordination and spatial awareness. Notice that dancing also supports their brain development because of how the movements and rhythms stimulate the different areas of their brain. 

Dance classes are also a good way for children to get to know other kids coming from different backgrounds. At an early age, this is a good opportunity for them to learn about embracing diversity and appreciating other people’s culture and background. 

Literacy, numeracy and academics are still important. But let’s not forget about other dimensions that can help our children develop in fruitful ways. Everything works together and each experience contributes to how our children progress and get ready for the big school and beyond. Dancing is just one dimension, but it can add a lot of variety and flavour to our children’s experiences.