What Skills Do Dancing Help Develop?

Dancing helps develop the following essential skills: 
  • Physical coordination
  • Agility and flexibility 
  • Sense of discipline 
  • Teamwork 
  • Self-confidence 
  • Social skills such as communication and cooperation 
For child development, additional vital skills are: 
  • Spatial awareness (children become better aware about their position relative to other objects and other people, which is essential in dance performances) 
  • Better music and arts appreciation (dancing and rhythm helps children expand their comfort zones and awareness) 
  • Creative self-expression (through dance, children can take the initiative in expressing themselves in other means than verbal communication, they also get to practice their independence) 
How dance helps with child development 

Dancing helps with the children’s physical, social and cognitive development. 

  • Physical development (helps further build the child’s muscular strength) 
  • Social skills (children can make new friends in the dance studio) 
  • Cognitive development (dancing and rhythm stimulates the brain and its core neural connections) 

Dancing also exposes children to different practices, cultures and environments. Overseas dance tours are available where children can explore new places and perform in front of a foreign crowd. Different types of dance make children learn about different and contrasting rhythms and movements (such as when they learn ballet and then enrol in a hip hop dance class). 

In other words, dancing is one way to achieve holistic development. It complements arts, sports and other classes in helping children develop physically, mentally, socially and emotionally. It’s also a practical way to discover a child’s talent. 

Whether or not dance classes lead to a professional career, children will still benefit immensely. Also, dance classes add more variety to children’s learning activities. This variety helps with stimulating different parts and neural connections of the brain. It’s especially important during a child’s early years when rapid brain development occurs. These early years are crucial for children to build a solid foundation that can help them with their long-term future.