Tap Dance

Here at Dance on Q, we conduct tap dance classes with a special focus on technique and movement.  We prepare students to be competitive whether it’s for a performance or contest. (please remove this and replace with “We cater for students looking for classes to have fun and keep fit as well as preparing students for professional full time courses and careers in the industry.”

Why tap dance?

It’s different than most kinds of dance because tap dance goes beyond movement. It’s also about making beats, music and rhythm, which is why it requires precision and strong technique. It’s even said to be one of the hardest styles of dance.

Our qualified instructors who have commercial experience place special emphasis on technique and rhythm. It’s challenging and requires a lot of discipline. But with the proper instruction and guidance, your child will achieve excellence.

Why learn at Dance on Q

Here, we teach students ages 2 to 18 years old the correct movement/technique to become a proficient tap dancer. We have purpose built facilities that will optimise the student’s learning:

  • 3 spacious dance studios (approx. 80 sq m)
  • Sprung dance floors (absorbs impact)
  • Full wall-mounted mirrors
  • Full air conditioning
  • High-quality audio system
  • Sanitary bathrooms
  • Comfortable reception and waiting areas for students and parents

It’s a professional setting that encourages professionalism. It’s also a perfect environment for social interaction among students. Your child will make new friends before, during and after classes.

Each session is challenging and also a fun and comfortable experience. This is a great approach as children will receive positive reinforcement.

As a result, students will achieve their optimum potential. Whether it’s just a hobby or a preparation for a dance career, students will build a solid foundation while gaining an awesome learning experience from each class.

Contact us today if you want to learn more about our dance studios and facilities. We have locations at:

  • Unit 3, 9 Salisbury Road Castle Hill
  • Wrights Road Community Centre, Castle Hill (Opposite Kellyville Plaza)