Alana Pointon

After moving from New Zealand to further pursue her career in dance, Alana completed three years of full-time training at the esteemed ‘Ev&Bow Full-Time Dance Training Centre’ in Sydney under the mentorship of Sarah Boulter and Lisa Bowmer where she was invited to perform as a part of their select company.

After appearances at large-scale events such as Australian Dance Festival, Light The Way Dance Convention, Alana’s career accelerated. Featuring in works choreographed by names such as Samantha Hines, Thomas Fonua & Holly Doyle, Alana cemented a strong presence within the Sydney contemporary dance community.

Also eager to explore her choreographic skills, Alana found herself in the role of assistant choreographer on the NSW School Spectacular, sparking joy and encouraging her love for creating further.

Now training under the guidance of Georgette Sofatzis at ‘Dance Formation Pro’ it is Alana’s commitment to being a dependable and well-rounded performer that has helped her cultivate a career spanning many facets of the dance industry. She prides herself on the opportunities she has had as well as the creatives she has worked alongside of.