Ava Couston

Ava Couston – Professional Dancer
Ava Couston, born on October 20, 2003, is a talented professional dancer with an extensive background in elite performance and dance training. Ava has cultivated her skills through rigorous programs and diverse performance experiences. Ava Couston has honed her dance skills through extensive training and diverse performance experiences. She earned a Diploma of Professional Dance (Elite Performance) from Brent Street Fulltime Performing Arts in 2022 and completed a Certificate IV in Dance through the Brent Street Academy’s Performance Training Program from 2020 to 2021. Her foundational training includes time at Avenue T Dance Academy (2017-2019) and MNM Drum Dance (2009-2016). Ava’s performance credits include appearances as a featured dancer for Tones and I at the Women’s Basketball World Cup, the Allianz Stadium Grand Opening, and the Premiers Gala Concert 2022. She has also showcased her talent on television in the show “I Would Do Anything For Love” and in the music video “Take Me Back” as a featured dancer. Ava has had the opportunity to work with notable choreographers and directors, including New Ground Collective’s Jervis Livelo, Cameron Mitchell, Cassandra Bartho, and Jacinta Shaye. Her passion and dedication to dance, combined with her extensive training and performance experience, make her a dynamic and promising talent in the dance industry.