Will Dancing Make You Smarter?

Dancing and other forms of physical exercise will stimulate our minds and hence help with our optimal brain function. It’s also the case whenever we do other recreational activities such as playing musical instruments or even just solving a challenging puzzle.

Does dancing help our memory and learning?

“The only physical activity to offer protection against dementia was frequent dancing”, according to a research published in the New England Journal of Medicine (the researchers studied several cognitive and physical activities including swimming and playing golf).

Although it’s a study about people 75 years and older, the findings provide some encouragement on why we should take up dancing classes or just renew our passion in it. The findings also support somehow that we can all benefit from dancing and other physical activities (whether or not they help with our cognitive abilities). One reason is that our bodies are meant to move and there’s this saying that “use it or lose it.” We have to keep moving or else we’re going to lose our abilities one by one (especially as we age further).

When it comes to young children, it’s their time of rapid brain and physical development. They will benefit the most from dancing and exercise. Although they still get that exercise from ordinary playtime, dancing can still help because it’s more organised and directed. It will also help them cultivate discipline and focus at an early age (dancing is difficult after all especially for beginners, no matter the age). With that mental stimulation (plus the physical exercise and getting along with other kids their age), their brains will work and build a solid foundation for their learning and future (crucial neural connections will form and the core brain architecture will be heavily influenced by early experiences).

Whether it’s about intelligence or physical abilities, it’s important to receive regular stimulation (again, use it or lose it). It’s also great to explore several different hobbies and activities. It’s especially the case with children as they rapidly develop and grow. With adequate stimulation plus proper guidance and instruction, they will benefit the most from dancing and other activities.