Preschool Songs To Sing

6 Best Preschool Songs To Sing To Warm Up Before Class

If you have ever participated in gymnastics, dance or singing at a preschool level, you can probably remember with the warm-ups creative professionals like at Dance on Q perform to get their kids ready for class. Parachutes, hand games and songs are regularly performed to get kids’ creative energy flowing. There are several preschool songs to sing listed below that we use at Dance on Q to warm up our preschool kids before class.

Frère Jacques

This classic is a good song to learn because it gives children experience singing in another language, French, at an early age. The first verse is simply the same as the second verse but sung in French, so children may even pick up a few French meanings. It is also a great song to teach kids because the tune is used in several other modern childhood songs.

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Itsy Bitsy Spider can be used to teach hand eye coordination to children. The hand actions are easy to learn and make for a wonderful performance for parents and teachers to watch. When children are a little restless, rather than using their energy inappropriately, they are likely to settle down and learn more after a run through of this song. It also serves an educational purpose and can teach children about the spider and how it makes its web.

The Wheels On The Bus

This song covers onomatopoeia and teaches children all the sounds that the objects on a bus make. The reason why we teach this song is because of the “sound” words like swish. These help the song move from verse to verse and teaches students information about the different parts on a vehicle during the process.

You Are My Sunshine

This song is popular in Australia because of its use in Golden Circle fruit juice advertisements. It’s a very positive, happy song that can lift the mood of a classroom that has fallen prey to foul weather or a series of unfortunate events. There are actions to this song too, so children can learn more hand-eye coordination and practice their performance. Singing You Are My Sunshine with hand movements in front of a crowd can improve kids’ confidence and help them when it comes time to practice their dance.

The Alphabet Song

This song is such a classic. It is so memorable that students use this as a reference throughout their schooling whenever they’re unsure of the letter order. It is a subconscious process for us to go through the letters to the tune of the alphabet song, even though we are years removed from preschool.

Old MacDonald Had A Farm

The basic premise of this song is teaching preschool aged children about farm animals and the sounds they make. The noises kids make while singing this song are remembered throughout their life and will be used to communicate with other younger kids when they have reached maturity. The song is a timeless classic that is performed very often in preschool classes.

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