Benefits of Dance In Early Childhood

What Are The Benefits of Dance In Early Childhood?

Dancing is such an important activity for children of all ages to participate in. Not only does dance teach self expression and fine motor skills, it is a great way to ensure kids stay fit, happy and confident. In this post we outline some of the main benefits of dance and how they can help your kids develop into mature, influential teenagers.

Dance Provides A Confidence Boost

Dancing is the perfect method to introduce your child to new friends and teach them to apply their social skills within a creative setting. Performing in front of a crowd helps to teach confidence and allows kids to swallow their fears about being judged by their peers. The informal nature of dance classes also emphasizes that children need not feel nervous about expressing themselves in new ways.  Dance is non-competitive so children need not worry about feeling pressured to win or sad when they’ve lost. All of these factors converge to guarantee children build their confidence and improve their social skills while learning dance.

Dance Provides A Good Exercise Regime

One of the obvious benefits of dance is its capacity to teach human movement and help kids stay fit and healthy. A dance workshop goes for sixty or ninety minutes which provides a solid work out for children. Their cardiovascular systems are still developing at this early age and will strengthen as they regularly practice at school and at home. Warm-ups are performed before each lesson and teach kids how to stretch and loosen up before they engage their muscles.

Dance Improves Team Spirit

A lot of parents get their children involved with team sports because they are aware it will improve their attitude towards participating in something as part of a team. Dance is the same in this regard. Children will perform as part of a troupe and therefore must learn coordination alongside other students. Children will learn to trust their peers during practice and will reap the benefits of performing in a team in front of a crowd at the end of semester. They will be praised as a unit and will have to help each other perfect their technique in order to gain said praise.

Dance Offers A Digital Detox

In the age of digital technology, parents may often feel like their kids need a break from screens and to enter into reality. Dance lessons let kids experience life outside the digital world. With all the endorphins running around their system after class, children will probably be more excited to play outside after class rather than sit inside and press buttons on a touch screen. 

Call Dance On Q To Book Dance Lessons

If these benefits of dance call to you as a parent, call our friendly team at Dance on Q to engage with our teachers in a range of different dance classes. We teach Jazz, tap, ballet/pointe, jazz funk hip hop, contemporary, lyrical, musical theatre, technique, performance group and acro (acrobatics). We also offer exam classes if your child is looking to take their dance performance skills to the next level. Call us on 0422611518 to make a booking for your child this semester or to ask any questions.