Mother Daughter Dancing

How Can I Help My Daughter Become a Better Dancer?

That thirst for excellence. Perhaps your daughter inherited it from you. Both of you are easily frustrated by mistakes and shortcomings, especially when it comes to your own performance and results.

When it’s about dancing, your daughter might not yet be satisfied about how she moves compared to her peers. Or, mistakes are frequent and they easily frustrate your daughter. It’s also possible that she’s struggling with following the movements and coordinating with other performers.

How can I help my daughter become a better dancer

What should you do then? First, you have to encourage your child to keep on going. This encouragement can come from your own enthusiasm as you listen to her stories and what happened during her practise. Your own enthusiasm alone can do wonders about her own drive for excellence and further practise.

Second, it’s also about making sure she’s getting quality instruction. In other words, if the formula or recipe is broken in the first place, no amount of intelligence can fix it. The instruction and education should be of high quality if you want to expect excellent results and performances. To ensure this, the instructors should have proved their worth through their commercial, professional and theatrical experience. “Walk the talk” as they say. In addition, children learn best from great examples. The instructors are not just there to teach your child, they’re also there to demonstrate what an excellent performance looks like.

Aside from encouragement and quality instruction, it’s also important to place your child in an environment that inspires excellence and hard work. Our environment influences us more than we realise and it’s especially the case with our children. These times are their formative years where their initial learning and successes can heavily affect their trajectories for the rest of their lives. In the case of dancing, the dance studio should inspire excellence and the facilities are in top condition and inviting appearance.

That’s what we have here at Dance on Q. We have spacious studios equipped with sprung dance floors, wall-mounted mirrors and perfectly functioning air conditioning and audio system. In addition, we have qualified instructors here who bring and share their international experience to the young performers. We also organise events for our performers to showcase their hard work and talent (both local and overseas performances). Learn more about our dance studios, facilities, teachers and performance opportunities if you want to help your daughter fully develop her potential for dancing.