What are the Physical and Cognitive Benefits of Dancing?

It’s true that academic knowledge and technical skills are still important in getting ahead and becoming successful. But what about art and creativity? Specifically, can dancing help in realising one’s full potential? First, dancing facilitates physical movement. This is very important if we want to maintain or improve our health. It’s a form of exercise. […]

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Why Ballet is Good for Kids?

Perhaps you’ve already decided to enrol your child to a dance class. However, there’s still a lot to choose from. Should you enrol your child to a ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary or a musical theatre class? Many parents choose ballet for their lovely daughters. There are several possible reasons for this decision. Let’s explore a […]

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Why Dancing is Good for Children’s Development?

Aside from exposing kids to a new field and expanding their comfort zones, dancing offers other great benefits to children. Meeting fellow kids and improving social skills Physical exercise Optimal brain development First, through dancing lessons they get to meet fellow kids and improve their social skills. Second, dancing is a great physical exercise. Physical […]

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