Cultural Dancing Meaning

Why Dancing Has a Deep Meaning

Dancing has been with us for thousands of years and has been a part of our history and culture. For example, in Australia dance has existed here for more than 40,000 years. Ceremonial dances have been practiced by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Today, in non-remote communities traditional dance is widely practiced for […]

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Dancing And Mental Health

How Dancing Benefits Our Mental Health?

Many times we focus on what’s within when we feel something’s wrong. We try to think it through and overcome it with a positive mindset. However, it could be more effective to focus on something else instead of pushing our mind too much. How dancing benefits our mental health Our bodies are just built to […]

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Dancing Warm Up

How To Warm Up Before Dance Class

It’s a Wednesday arvo, your kids have just arrived home from school and.. boy are they excited for dance. They’re hopping full of energy and you’re wondering how you’re going to get them in the car to drive them to the studio. These few techniques might work as an effective way to calm your kids […]

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Dancing and Childrens' Journies

How Dancing Can Help With Your Child’s Journey

Whether your child will pursue professional dancing or not, this will greatly help him/her today, in formal schooling and beyond. Preschool dance classes help children in how they socialise and how they appreciate humanities and the performing arts. How dancing can help with your child’s journey Because of competitive pressures and the present job market, […]

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Dancing Helps Childrens' Confidence

Here’s One Way to Help Your Child Become Confident

How do you help your child gain confidence? One way is to enrol him/her in a dance class. Dance classes and performances (especially in group settings) can help your child develop his/her self esteem. After all, confidence can come from being exposed to different environments, meeting different people and trying a lot of things (as […]

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Natural Dancing Talent

Is Dancing a Natural Talent?

It seems some people are just born lucky when it comes to dancing. They dance with grace and their movements are smooth and fluid even though they only got a little practice. They also naturally stand out whether it’s a solo or group performance. Is dancing a natural talent? But does this mean effort and […]

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Mother Daughter Dancing

How Can I Help My Daughter Become a Better Dancer?

That thirst for excellence. Perhaps your daughter inherited it from you. Both of you are easily frustrated by mistakes and shortcomings, especially when it comes to your own performance and results. When it’s about dancing, your daughter might not yet be satisfied about how she moves compared to her peers. Or, mistakes are frequent and […]

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Dance Benefits Society

How Does Dance Benefit Society

As a society, it’s important to share things in common among us if we want to establish cooperation and communication. One of those things is dancing. Indeed, it unites us socially and culturally. Moreover, dancing has also become a form of expression whether as an individual or as a tribe or group. Before written languages […]

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Why Do Kids Like to Dance?

We have an instinct for dance as we unconsciously or absent-mindedly tap our feet to the beat. You might have already noticed your child move randomly when he/she hears upbeat music. In fact, this is one trait that separates us from most animals because this instinct for dance is reserved for us humans. It’s our […]

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How Does Dance Help With Confidence?

Dancing from a young age can boost your child’s self-confidence. That is what happens because he/she gets to perform in front of a crowd and interact and collaborate with other kids as well. Through that social setting and being able to face the crowd (while performing intricate and practised movements), kids get prepared for formal […]

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