Dancing And Mental Health

How Dancing Benefits Our Mental Health?

Many times we focus on what’s within when we feel something’s wrong. We try to think it through and overcome it with a positive mindset. However, it could be more effective to focus on something else instead of pushing our mind too much.

How dancing benefits our mental health

Our bodies are just built to move around and that a healthy mind goes with a healthy body. This is true for both children and adults because dancing and movement help improve the mood and blood circulation. Also, how we move actually affects how we think.

Notice that when we move fast our minds also move fast? Our motions indeed affect our emotions and we don’t even have to wait for our moods to get good before we can make vibrant and positive movements. Our emotions eventually catch up to what we’re doing, which is why it could be more effective to focus on the movements first and trust that emotions will follow later.

You might have also noticed those on children when there’s upbeat music and they move energetically (and usually laughter or a huge smile follows). The music triggered the movement and the movement in turn triggered the positive emotions.

Aside from that trigger and reinforcement of positive emotions, dancing also encourages socialising and gaining confidence. It’s especially true during dance classes where children are able to meet new friends and interact with them. That rich interaction can further benefit their mental health. It’s also a great opportunity for children to learn in a non-competitive environment (and instead it’s a friendly and supportive environment).

Dancing is more than just moving around and boosting physical development especially among children. It’s also about gaining mental health benefits that include socialising and letting our bodies help us think positively. We trust the motions and the emotions will follow. Instead of thinking it all through and forcing positivity to come into our lives, perhaps a better way is to turn on the music and let our bodies move.