Dancing and Childrens' Journies

How Dancing Can Help With Your Child’s Journey

Whether your child will pursue professional dancing or not, this will greatly help him/her today, in formal schooling and beyond. Preschool dance classes help children in how they socialise and how they appreciate humanities and the performing arts.

How dancing can help with your child’s journey

Because of competitive pressures and the present job market, too much focus is put on hard sciences and academics. However, these fields are only good for finding specific and definite answers. In contrast, the humanities and performing arts teach us about meaning.

Have you ever watched a performance that made you emotional and brought you to tears? Even if you have no solid background in dancing, the movements and the rhythm reached your heart and affected your emotions. In other words, you found meaning, even if it’s for a brief moment.

On the side of the performers, they too get emotional and lose themselves while dancing. They completely get in touch with their humanity and emotions, which make the performance even more powerful. They even forget there’s an audience. The intense focus plus their powerful emotions go beyond the here and now. It’s a transcendental experience.

Preschool children might not yet have that full experience. But while dancing, they get the taste of it while still young. It will be a powerful and meaningful experience for them that they won’t feel almost anywhere else. At their young age, they will already feel what it means to trust their bodies and the process (going with the flow). As a result, they will gain a new level of confidence they need in formal schooling and beyond.

Learning how to dance and performing in front of a live audience will also be a crucial part of their life’s journey. This is similar to what the heroes in movies and mythologies go through. First, they get separated from their families and community. Second, they go through a difficult journey and learn valuable skills and life lessons. Finally, they become the heroes and saviours (they return as someone much better and matured). For your child, he/she can experience the same thing in Sydney preschool dance classes where your child will be away from you so that he/she can learn on his/her own. After each lesson, something in your child’s mind and heart will surely change and return home as somewhat better than yesterday.