Natural Dancing Talent

Is Dancing a Natural Talent?

It seems some people are just born lucky when it comes to dancing. They dance with grace and their movements are smooth and fluid even though they only got a little practice. They also naturally stand out whether it’s a solo or group performance.

Is dancing a natural talent?

But does this mean effort and discipline don’t count when it comes to becoming a good dancer? Well, it’s true that some people are just born lucky and have the right set of genes and physique. They have the inborn advantages that help them stand out. Also, in groups of people someone has to stand out and make it to the top.

Good thing is that to become a decent dancer (this applies to both children and adults), discipline and quality instruction still matter a lot. Terrible dancers seem to be hopeless and with absolutely no talent at all. But dig deeper and you’ll see that they haven’t gone through quality practice and instruction. Worse is that they didn’t actually dedicate enough time to polish their movements.

In other words, it takes deliberate practice and quality instruction to become a good dancer (whether he/she has natural talent or not). And even for those with world-class talent, they still require high-quality guidance and education to reach the top. It’s the classic nature and nurture approach where the gifted ones only become successful if they also received proper nurturing.

It’s especially the case with dancing. This is even more pronounced in children where they’re in the period of rapid brain development. It’s crucial in that period that they receive proper physical, mental, emotional and social nurturing. During their early years millions of neural connections form and their core brain architecture is being built.

With quality dance instruction (plus an excellent and supportive environment), children can develop their talent in an optimal way. Although natural talent still counts, it becomes less emphasised because quality education and consistent practice take the centre stage. After all, hard work still beats talent whether it’s in performing arts, science or business.

That’s what children get here at Dance on Q. Here, children learn the proper fundamentals in an excellent environment. They also learn from professionals who have theatrical and commercial experience. And the best part is that children are able to make friends and get exposed to various environments through overseas dance tours and other opportunities (contact us today to learn more).