Should You Enrol Your Child in a Musical Theatre Class?

Musical theatre classes go beyond teaching kids how to sing, dance and act. It’s also about helping kids understand other people’s emotions (better understand human nature). After all, in order to effectively portray a character, the actor or actress must also understand the person’s motives and emotions.

As a result, kids early on can better understand human nature and develop empathy. This is important whether interacting with other people in groups or in one-on-one settings. Understanding others’ decisions, motives and emotions are keys to successful communication and collaboration.

Is it too early?

Musical theatre lessons are already available for children as early as 5 years old. Kids can get a jumpstart if they decided to pursue it as a career. If not, they still reap the advantages from here on because of the permanent benefits (early development of empathy and social skills).

In addition, musical theatre is also about working within a group. This is much more interactive and dynamic compared to academic learning. Kids gain plenty of time to talk with peers and develop their communication skills. They are also able to build social awareness because of that rich interaction.

Also, attending a musical theatre class is a holistic learning experience. Your child has a huge opportunity to develop his or her singing, acting and dancing talent. Even if your child has not shown any interest in those fields, the classes will surely motivate him or her to dig deeper and enjoy each class and practise session.

Certainly the classes are stimulating (in fact more stimulating and inspiring than traditional academic settings). These classes won’t replace academic learning but instead becomes a perfect complement to the children’s journey. Kids become exposed to more environments and experiences, which is great for their physical and cognitive development (childhood is when crucial foundations are built).

Should you enrol your child in a musical theatre class?

The short answer is yes and it’s definitely the right answer if you consider the physical, emotional, social and cognitive benefits. These classes also provide variety and a stimulating environment to kids. It’s also a great way to better prepare them for formal schooling and beyond.

We share the same goal here at Dance on Q. In our stimulating and supportive learning environments, kids are able to learn effectively, make friends and have fun all at the same time. Our instructors (who have commercial and theatrical experience) can guide your child to realise his or her potential or develop the necessary skills that will benefit him or her in the long run. Contact us today if you require more information about our approach and what your child can experience during our performing arts classes.