Children's Dance Styles

What Kind of Dance Should My Child Learn?

If your child is around two to six years old, it will be great to introduce them to the fundamentals of song and dance. It can include some singing, jazz, ballet, tap dance, hip hop, drama and musical theatre. The goal is to let your child explore the performing arts early and have fun during the classes and making new friends.

What kind of dance should my child learn?

When it comes to the specific type of dance (especially if your child is already six years old and above), it’s hard to choose because we won’t know what children will really like unless we enroll them in a specific class. Perhaps your child will love ballet or he/she is more inclined to musical theatre. It’s hard to know and yes, your child can have a totally different interest the next week.

What should you do then? You can let your child start with one dance class (it could be anything) and see how it goes. There’s a lot to try (visit this page if you want to learn more) and each year or term you can let your child explore another type of dance. In other words, it’s not about the type of dance in the first place, but about the learning experience and trying to know which one your child will love.

The entire learning experience could be fun and delightful. For example, here at Dance on Q we use fun and colourful props to keep the classes entertaining. Children are always energetic during the classes because of the professional and friendly approach of our teachers. In addition, we nurture a supportive and fun environment so that the children will feel safe and confidento.

That kind of environment is crucial to your child’s learning experience and cognitive development. The environment plays a huge role in how your child will develop not just in his/her young years, but also beyond (this early years is when your child’s brain rapidly develops). As a result, here at Dance on Q we make sure the environment is safe, fun and supportive so that whichever dance class your child will be in, the experience will always be delightful and productive.