Maths in Dance

Maths In Dance: Learning Dance Improves Maths Skills

At a time where the performing arts are really struggling due to COVID, a study has emerged from America which shows that an arts integration teaching model bolsters young children’s math achievement. The team of judges at the American Institute for Research had their research published. Findings from the research, titled, Evaluation of the Wolf Trap Arts in Education Model, demonstrated the positive impact maths in dance had on a child’s overall mathematical ability.

The positive effects of learning dance on maths ability may be because in dance the dancer’s body can create shapes, angles and lines which contribute to the effect of the dance. Maths in dance involvers teachers instilling rhythm and beat with numerical representation. Maths dance is believed to improve students’ maths skills, critical thinking and creativity. It’s also believed to have positive effects on student motivation, socio-emotional and motor skills.

The program referenced in the AIR study is called STEM Learning Through The Arts. The program, created by The Wolf Trap Foundation, teaches a combination of science, technology, engineering and maths through arts integration. The results of the AIR study showed that students who participated in the Learning Through The Arts program displayed better overall maths achievement than before they had enrolled in the program.

Essentially, arts-integrated learning combines content and skills from the arts with core subjects such as language, literacy and maths. As well as maths and science centric content, the program teaches communication skills. Communication is taught as a paradigm comprised of knowledge, expression, language, scope, content and delivery.

The study referenced in this article took place over four years at sixteen Government funded schools. The Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts represents a full range of performance education programs in the Greater Washington D.C. area.

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