Dancing At Home

How Often Should I Practice My Dancing At Home?

If you’re taking dance lessons and investing time and effort in honing your technique, it’s definitely worth taking the time at home to practice your moves. Practicing helps you keep up to speed with the rest of your class and will make sure you’re comfortable with the material learned in dance sessions. If the whole class is practicing at home, it means you’ll be able to move on to new and exciting techniques faster.

Although our students are very busy, we encourage them to find space for five to ten minutes per day to go over the steps of a routine. Mornings and after school hours are the best time to practice dancing. Running through a practice session can be a great warm-up that prepares you for the day. Dance practice is also a great way to unwind at the end of a hard day at school.

Just five to ten minutes of dancing most days of the week works best. Doing so can seriously reduce the time it takes to master a technique or routine. Being prepared will help you feel more confident during class and your classmates will respect the effort when your final performance looks stunning.

Although practice can sometimes ingrain bad technique through repetitive motion, it gives you the ability to think about where your technique went wrong and what needs to be focused on in your next session with a teacher. Self reflection is important in the dance process, and repetition with adjustment will result in improvements over time. Experiment with different ways of performing a technique and be sure to self correct until you have got it right.

We encourage students to try and get in three hours of practice for every hour of dance class. This can be a little too much, depending on the time students have available in extracurricular hours, so the ratio of practice to class can be dropped to one hour of practice for every hour of class.

If you find yourself in pain or your focus is starting to slip, stop immediately. If you practice when you’re not operating at full capacity you run the risk of ingraining bad technique which can be hard to correct. You need to remain conscious while practicing, so take lots of breaks when your concentration starts to slip and you fall into autopilot mode.

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